Jerusalem the Golden, 1


The Hebrew of your poets, Zion,

is like oil upon a burn,

cool as oil;

after work,

the smell in the street at night

of the hedge in flower.

Like Solomon,

I have married and married the speech of strangers;

none are like you, Shulamite.


--Charles Reznikoff


From The Poems of Charles Reznikoff 1918-1975, Seamus Cooney, ed. (Boston: David R Godine Publisher, 2005). Copyright © 2005 by The Estate of Charles Reznikoff. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.



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Modern Spain/medieval Spain (l to r): Court of the Lions at the

Alhambra in Granada; statue of poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol in Málaga;

site of medieval market in Toledo, now a cafe; statue of translator

Yehuda Ibn Tibbon in Granada; typical narrow street in Jewish




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1Legend: Andalucia: Center of Islamic presence in Spain during the time of the medieval Jewish poets. ■Cities associated with poets whose poems are represented on this web site as of 12/21/06. Birthplaces: Tudela (Abraham Ibn Ezra and Yehuda Halevi), Málaga (Solomon Ibn Gabirol), Granada (Moses Ibn Ezra), Córdoba (Samuel Hanagid). ●Other cities that had important medieval Jewish presence and that are on the Jewish Spain “Routes of Sepharad” tour. ♦Other important or interesting Spanish cities.